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Top 5 Fishing Line – Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018

Fishing is your hobby right? You need to buy the best Fishing line, fishing lures, fishing reels, fishing rods and also other accessories used in while fishing. Now here we just focused only fishing lines in this article.

All the Fishing lines is not good enough and not also equal. so, how you can choose ? You have came to right place, Its easy to find the best one though read our latest information about the top 5 Fishing line on the market.



The Kastking has desirable features such as low memory, strong knot strength as well as ultra high sensitivity and great abrasion resistance.

The low memory feature reduces chances of wind knots and gives anglers increased chances of achieving far casts. The fact that it is abrasion resistant increases its durability hence the anglers can constantly use it.

More so, the sensitivity feature allows increases the likelihood of capturing more fish and the fact that it has a small diameter allows more fishing line into the reel.

KastKing has braided lines that are super powerful and you can tie a strong knot.. This feature enables it have an enhanced lure swimming action, hence the anglers will succeed in attracting and tempting the fish and eventually capture them.

The braided fishing line is durable and offers longer casting. The angler can fish without having to worry about the fishing line getting frayed or breaking off, as it happens to some low quality fishing lines.

The line braids have this impressive strength basing on the fact that it is made using a durable fibre that makes it a polythene braid that has ultra high molecular weight.


The aspect of colour has also been applied in these fishing lines such as grey, blue, green, yellow, white, pink as well as multi colour. Such colours not only enhance the outlook of the fishing line but it enhances visibility and the anglers can identify the fishing line when there are too many under water.

Some reviews on Amazon however argue that some of these coloured fishing lines tend to fade off with time. To limit the likelihood of fading, you can use the aforementioned colours, they are fade resistant.

KastKing braid should be a top fishing line especially because of the flexibility it has. Anglers can use this fishing line regardless of where they are fishing, be it in freshwater or salty water.

More so they can be used in trout and bass fishing, ice fishing as well as surf fishing.Kastking fishing line


  • Price ranges from $14 to $61 and considering its features, it is worth the price
  • It is powerful since its breaking strength is at approximately 16.6lb
  • Offers a smooth casting
  • Durability is incredible since it hardly tangles in rocky areas


  • Anglers have identified that there is black stuff on the line hence after spooling, hands end up getting messy, this however washes way eventually
  • The colours of the line fade of sometimes.


Power Pro Spectra braided


Power Pro Spectra

The pricing range is quite intriguing since it ranges from $9 to $285. The higher the price of this fishing line, the higher quality one gets.

If one desires a fishing line that can hardly break off, the high quality power pro fishing line is the deal for you. This braided fishing line is super strong and has made of spectra fibre.

The diameter also varied from 150-3000 yards, the expensive ones have smaller diameters as it enhances spooling.

Lengthsalso vary between 0.005 to 0.035 inches and these variations explain why there is a huge price range between the cheapest option and the most expensive one.

An additional quality of this fishing line is the PowerPro Microline and this matches the current needs of the anglers.


Water bodies are getting clearer hence the micro line enhances lure that results to intense action during fishing, an experience most anglers desire.

You can use the PowerPro when fishing for trout, bass, pan fish and for walleye. The pleasant features about this fishing line are unending.

It also comes with a packaging, just as it is in most advertisement and its design helps in protecting the quality of the remaining line. They also come accompanied with an arbour tape and built in cutter. Anglers can spool the line directly from the packaging box.

Anglers who have tried out this line however advice others against overloading the spool arguing that it makes the loop slide off hence causing tangling. When it tangles therefore, one can remove some yards from the spool and tie it again.

This fishing line comes in colour green, which is strong, despite the fact that it may eventually fade off. A pro-tip however is that one can die it back to the original colour to enhance its visibility.

Additionally, you can use the PowerPro spectra braid on spinning roads. It has an impressive cast ability as well as quality. Line integrity is a feature that most anglers look for, and this fishing line is the best choice.

As much as the heavier versions, which are more costly, are more effective, the lighter versions of these fishing lines can still hold until its maximum is reached.

This makes this fishing line suitable even when fishing for the biggest fish which are such tricky catches.


  • The spooling is long lasting
  • High quality
  • Sensitive
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Hardly breaks or frays


  • This kind of fishing line is not suitable for the beginners as it is engaging. Installations need to be perfect, the knotting should be done with an experience dangler.
  • It is only for fresh and salty water fishing
  • Can fade


Seaguar bluelabel Fluorocarbon leader


Seaguar bluelabel Fluorocarbon leader

On Amazon, this fishing line goes for $7 to $58, and critics however argue that this pricing is too much considering that it is only 25 yards long.

The features of this fishing line however could explain its pricing. Seaguar Company produces quality products and this name on the market, gives it a competitive advantage.

It is of fluorocarbon that makes it strong, especially when knotted. It enhances its durability and you can use them over and over.


This 100 double structure fluorocarbon leader has minimal stretch which translates to increased sensitivity as well as an impressive tensile strength.

Amazon rates it as a leading seller in America. Additionally, it has been designedin amber that it can resist corrosion besides offering a good impact.

Anglers looking for a perfect leader should consider this line. It not only increases the number of catches.

Basing on some of the reviews on Amazon, this line however may tend to break and basing on its stiffness and brittle nature, tying the knot may become an uphill task.

More so, the fluorocarbon line may tend to be slippery. A pro-tip to enhance the knot tying is to use a Triline knot, which works effectively.

The diameter of the Seaguar leader is much thinner even when compared with the PowerPro, this thinness makes it invisible in water and the fish can hardly see it hence increasing the number of possible catches.


  • The line constantly breaks
  • Acts like an old line
  • Brittle
  • Tying knots is difficult
  • Pricey considering its only 25 yards


  • Minimal stretch
  • Sensitive
  • Good quality
  • Durable

Spider wire Braided Stealth Superline


Spider wire Braided

This spiderwire fishing line is an improved version and is strong by 30%. It is lighter and longer than earlier versions.

The microfiber addition in its construction makes it stronger and smooth. Anglers can consider obtaining this fishing line since it has a thin diameter hence a higher performance standard.

Additionally, the anglers can ensure a quiet fishing it because of the effective line control. The SpiderWire is of Dyneema, a polythene fibre that has ultra high molecular weight.

It also contains microfibers and has longer casting..

The new packaging is also quite helpful to the angler since it is thinner spools that are space conscious, and less heavy hence easily portable.


Fishing line design also takes care of Sensitivity, which is a desirable feature. It has zero stretch, anglers can therefore recognize even the slightest bites and they can regulate the lines.

They comes in a moss green or camo colour hence advantageous since the fish cannot easily recognize it as these colours blend in well with the water. Spiderwire fishing line is abrasion resistant and you can use it for longer periods.

Evident from the stamp on the spool, this fishing line has a 30-8 lb test.


  • Stronger and more sensitive
  • Does not require leaders on the light reels or additional lines for backup
  • Minimal or no tangling
  • Slippage and breakage is minimal
  • Hardly frays even when used around rocks and weeds
  • Colouration blends well with water
  • Minimal rock abrasions
  • Hardly snaps in snags


  • The line is waxy
  • Constant wind knots which affect performance
  • Pricey as it goes for $6-$85 yet their performance is same as cheaper lines
  • Colour retention for the moss green line is of low quality as it quickly faded off leaving the angler with a pale green colour and messy hands. Maintaining the colour is also a task.


Reaction Tackle Fishing Line


Reaction Tackle

The retention tackle is a high quality fishing line that has impressive features such as a small diameter, which makes it powerful and effective in catching fish.

The fishing line is of 100% UHMWPE, which is of high quality and actually the strongest fibre globally.

The fishing experience that the retention tackle offers is incredible and is quite a choice for anglers because it can catch different types of fish such bass, trout, Walleye and Muskie among others.


Additionally, it has minimal stretch which increases its sensitivity giving the anglers a nice and easy time as they go on with their fishing activities.

In addition to these features, the retention tackle fishing line goes for $5-$89, and it is very cost effective if we compare it with its competitor in the market.

Reaction tackle manufacturing company is located in Wisconsin and has warehouses in the USA, from which the shipments processes to different parts of the world, to give anglers an opportunity to enjoy their features.

The manufacturers of this fishing line have applied different colours hence giving it an impressive outlook and aids in visibility when identifying the lines. Through additional coating, this is durable.

Additionally, Retention Tackle fishing line offers a long casting and these features altogether indicate that the company value customer satisfaction.

They extend their customer services since when a client is unsatisfied with the line, they willingly contact the client and make corrections to the shortcomings.


  • Least strength
  • Enhanced Quality
  • Long casting
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Effective colouring
  • No colour bleeding
  • For alow price, one gets a quality line
  • Reduced friction hence it is quite effective
  • Light weight hence the anglers do not suffer from fatigue after using it


  • Nor suitable for beginners especially when casting and hook setting to make it softer
  • The texture is not favourable
  • The string keeps snapping even at a force of 50lb


It is however evident that the merits of this retention tackle outweighs the demerits and this is quite cost effective and is a top quality fishing tools for angers around the globe.

Get your desired fishing lines basing on individual preferences and fish on!