Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod

The complete package of this fishing line entails rod cloth and tube, a KOMODO zoom Tenkara, 3 flies, 1 Foam line holders, as well as 11 foot furled line and a 27 yard spool. This entire package enables one to effectively commence tenkara fly fishing.

This kind of fishing road is more preferable in tight fishing as well as while fishing in the small streams. It has a flexible feature in its length so when the brush is tight, one can always shorten the rod.

A child who has this while starting on the fly fishing activities can use the shorter length and the longer length as they grow. Use this rods when targeting the fish at 16 inches or less.

The soft casting mechanism the rod has, will enable natural and efficient casting.

At the level line, size 3.5 will ensure effective performance. In addition, the design of the rod at the handle enhances it functioning. It will fit perfectly and comfortably on the hands of the use. This way, it minimises fatigue and makes fishing easier, besides making casting easier.

Why DRAGONtail

It has a matte black finishing that prevents reflection of the sun, because it may alert the fish hence scare them off. In addition, the rod is attractive to the purchases since it the finishing is of quality besides being appealing.


Simplicity is another quality that this fishing rod can brag about! It is easy to rig and cast into the water easily. The angler does not need to purchase an expensive rod to fly fish.

The backpacking of this fishing road is user friendly since it can collapse to a 22 inch length and the angler can easily fit it into the backpack. Those who fish at the backcountry or in their travels can consider having this as their rod of choice since besides fitting into a car trunk it can also fit into a suitcase.

The DRAGONtail Tenkara KOMODO Zoom 10.5′ 9′ Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod is of graphite. We can even use it for the medium sized fish unlike some other rods which break or bend.

The rod is durable and lightweight. One of the demerits is its price $125. Considering a complete package, this price is average.


Troutboy Fishing Rod

Troutboy is a cost effective fishing rod considering its price on Amazon ranges between $16-18. At such a low price, the anglers have an efficient fishing rod that functions just as effectively as the highly priced rods.

Some of the desirable features about this fishing rod include the fact that it is quite lightweight besides being strong. The Dragon is of a high density carbon fibre – reason of its power.

It is lightweight and therefore makes it easy to cast and use and the anglers do not have to use extra energy while using it. Anglers can use this fishing rod to capture different kinds of fish but it is more efficient when capturing the bass and trout kind of fish or other types that are common in fresh water bodies.

This fishing rod has a sensitive reflection besides being durable.

It is easily portable and just like the Dragontail,  Anglers can use it who are always travelling since it can easily fit into the suitcases and car trunks as well as in the boat hatches and the backpacks.

This flexibility allows the fishermen to travel and fish at their most convenient and best fishing spots.

Why Troutboy

The fact that Amazon considers this as one of the best fishing rod means that this conclusion is due to the number of sales or inquiries about it.

Logic therefore dictates the fact that this is an efficient fishing rod and that most anglers have identified its merits such as the fact that it increases the number of catches and reduced energy.


Shakespeare fishing rod

This spinning rod, described as Ugly StikGX2 rod in Amazon is not something one would chose at first glance especially going by the name. Ironically, the name could probably be an attracting feature to people going over fishing rods on Amazon to make their best choices.

This is a product of Ugly tech constructions hence explains its name. It has graphite and fibreglass which are responsible for its strong nature.

They add other favourable elements to the fishing road such as lighter weight and enhanced sensitivity. Evident from the above image, the tip has a unique design and this developed to ensure it has additional sensitivity as well as strength during fishing.

The EVA grips attached to it are also lightweight and last long. A lightweight fishing rod is one of the most desirable features anglers look for because it enhances their fishing activities.

A machine should make work easier and above other features, a lightweight fishing rod does this just effectively. The enhanced look of the Ugly StikGX2 rod makes it look quite modern and it would be appealing to the young anglers who also desire style in their tools.

Why Shakespeare

For anglers who desire to have additional fun an ease in their fishing endeavours, they can consider paring the Shakespeare with the Daiwa BG SW spinning real. This kind of combination takes fishing on a whole new level and the beauty is they are for both experienced and the beginners.

It is evident that some of the fishing rods in the market are exclusively for experienced anglers since they are complex. This combination is cost effective and cheaper. Other rods costs almost a double amount.



Entsport Fishing rod

The entsport fishing rod is a seven inch casting rod of carbon and in a 2 piece travel form. Like most of the top fishing rods on Amazon, it is lightweight. Its carbon fibre construction, also gives it the strong feature that bets fishing rods boast off.

In addition to these admirable features it is also a sensitive rod. Rust prevention is also in check since the reels have aluminium hoods that are resistant to corrosion.

A fishing rod that is not rust free may tend to rust quite fast. Since it is constant expose to water and this not only reduces its functionality, but also reduces its durability.

Casting performance of this rod is also good and has a high density EVA. This feature also adds to its sensitivity and durability.

It is easy to handle and use, just as it is in the Dragon tail tenkara.

Why Entsport

Basing on the reviews on Amazon, this kind of fishing rod has an excellent performance, especially because of its medium light section. One demerit is that, you can not use it for flipping and pitching. This shortcoming can be overlooked by the fact that it effectively works for skipping senkos under the docks or flinging baits.

The heavy weighted tip comes in handy, since it allows the angler to throw in even large and medium sized baits. It increases the likelihood and number of catches per cast. This is quite flexible since it has a light weighted tip.

Considering it cost goes for $32 as in Amazon, it is really worth the price.

The users of this fishing rod can agree that it is more like having three rods in one. It comes with three tips namely medium, medium light as well as medium heavy and each has a different feeling. This versatility is also present in the fact that the rods can be used in both fresh and salt water.

Maxcatch fly fishing rod

Maxcatch fly fishing rod

Maxcatch is a company that has specialized in developing fly fishing products hence manufactures tackle and gear products. In addition, the company’s goal is to enhance the fishing experience hence supplies quality fishing rods around the globe.

Considering that it has a one year warranty, items and parts are repaired or replaced by the company.

Based on the reviews of the Amazon customers, the anglers can always ask for repair or replacement. As per the pricing on Amazon, the Maxcatch costs $42-$53,  hence can be considered as cost-friendly.

It is of carbon fibre and its design has been integrated with an improved A-Helical technology.

Features that make this fishing rod attractive to the anglers include the fact that, it is slim and lightweight hence makes work easier.  It has a special line of control that makes it a powerful fishing rod. It ensures the casting is accurate and effective leading to increased catches.

Why Maxcatch fly fishing rod

The reel and handle of this Maxcatch fishing rod are of high quality. They are of aluminium and light and long lasting. The cork handle is a quality Portuguese. Stainless steal snake resist corrosion and ensures smooth performance of the rod. Friction is also minimum in the designing of this fishing rod because it limits its functioning.

All these features collaboratively work together to give the anglers the best experience. Most of the anglers, who purchase the Maxcatch fishing rod, tend to purchase other fishing equipment from the same company, because of quality and cost effectiveness.

Unlike other fishing rods, the Maxcatch fly fishing rod allows the anglers, to reach other extremes of the streams easily. For a single trip, one can manage to capture up to 20 trout or more.

Quality control seen in some of the best fishing rods, is not existent in the Maxcatch fly fishing rod. A spine is also missing. The rod has an array of shortcomings in the rod and the guides are not extensive. They can be termed as sloppy.