In depth review of Perception Pescador Pro 12 Kayak

Perception hails its streamlined Pescador Pro 12.0 as “the perfect first fishing kayak.” We agree, this fishing kayak has a sit-on-top design for anglers, who are serious about both kayaking and fishing. The Pescador Pro 12 boasts performance features such as enhanced speed, stability, and straight-tracking within a variety of environmental conditions. Performance is, in fact, what this kayak is all about. Its modern engineering delivers great performance for both lake and pond fishing. We really like the many demonstrations of “smart design” on this kayak. Every detail appears to show thoughtful consideration of what the fishing kayaker needs. In order to have a productive and happy experience on the water.

This model has also been thoughtfully designed for easy transport. The length of the Pro 12.0 has been extended to accommodate additional, onboard storage and mounted accessory options. And it’s just to express the purpose of facilitating all-day fishing trips. This model, like other Pescador kayaks, comes with a 5-year warranty and is made in the U.S.A. It touts a “most durable” badge of performance as well. And finally, there’s the adjustable camp chair, which is as spectacular as to be worth the price of the kayak.

Vital Stats

The Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 is a simplistically designed, high-performance kayak. This contains some scaled-down, basic level amenities that are fully functional and don’t leave much to be desired. This model is a one-piece constructed kayak, primarily composed of high-grade polyethylene plastic. The special plastic is employed in order to achieve maximum speeds, while also being exceptionally lightweight.

Pescador Pro 12

It is a twelve-foot (365 cm), 32.5-inch (82 cm) wide beginners fishing kayak, weighing 64 pounds (29 kg). The Pescador Pro 12 has a deck height of 14.5 feet (37 cm) and a maximum holding capacity of 375 pounds (170 kg). Keeping the weight down of both its own materials and the weight of its passenger and cargo has contributed to its performance potential. The accessory holders are, likewise, designed to not interfere with maneuverability.

Pescador Pro 12 special design

The Pescador Pro 12 has a special design for a lake, pond and flat-water river fishing and kayaking. Its overall, upgraded design was made to be faster than the average kayak and more stable. In addition, the stability performance design was attempted to even enable a kayaker to stand up while fishing. Whether this is actually doable or not would lie with the super-skilled, stand-up fisherman to prove.

Stability is an essential quality, especially for the novice fishing kayaker. The Pescador Pro 12 is advertised as a first fishing kayak. Although it is perfectly suitable for experienced fishing kayakers, who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of a larger, super-charged fishing kayak. The Pro 12 boasts top stability features including a design that makes it easy and safe to enter and exit the kayak; secure paddling; and on-water steadiness. The safety features of the Pro 12 include built-in buoyancy; leak-proof construction, due to its one-piece design; and a Permanent U.S. Coast Guard compliant hull identification number.

The durability of the Pescador Pro 12 is enhanced by a number of design features. Beginning with the use of what Perception calls “proprietary” high-density polyethylene in its overall construction. The plastic is molded using a rotational process, which the company touts as “industry-leading.” The Pro 12 is made to withstand impact and resist abrasion due to the use of the highest UV. Its finish is wear-proof to protect the kayak’s color and graphics.

Bonus Features

The Perception Pescador Pro 12 has a number of highly useful bonus features to make an all-day fishing excursion that much more enjoyable. As an overall bonus feature, the Pro 12 is a versatile vessel for fishing as well as other activities. This includes simply riding on the water in a leisure way to take the natural beauty of the kayaker’s surroundings. Fans of the Pescador Pro 12 especially appreciate the super simplistic design of the vessel. Also, they feel better having foregone the added features of the larger fishing kayaks on the market.

A built-in skid plate helps to prevent damage during transport from the car to the water and back. The Pro 12 also comes with well-sized bungee cords for containing the kayak and its cargo and, of course, it has rod holders. The accessory holders act like the base of Swiss Army knife. These allow to easy access to the tools needed to paddle, bait, lure, reel, retrieve and hold the day’s catch.

Compartment features

There are several storage compartments around the Pro 12 kayak for convenient reach and use. The Pescador Pro 12 has a cup holder and a tackle box storage area. The tackle box storage compartment is sufficiently large (about 12”) and properly placed as a work area when you’re ready to cast your line. A mesh-covered space is generally provided for items that are not ideally placed in the other, larger compartments. This is another smart design feature, meant to substitute a lightweight. It’s certainly easy to manage space for the previously mounted hatches that tended to break or leak.

The center console is positioning between it and the seat to allow for the necessary activity of the kayaker. The center console is not watertight, although it is specifically designed to hold electronic devices, batteries and electronic wiring for safekeeping. There is every possibility that these items become water damage if not used carefully. In addition, the bungee cords for the tackle box placed under the seat are likely to get wet because that’s where the water pools on the kayak.

Storage Features

A small, conveniently located hatch provides extra space for dry storage. Although this limited interior space may cause some to be a bit dissatisfied for lack of space for extra items, that space was sacrificed to facilitate the streamlined design, which greatly enhances the kayaking experience. The dry storage compartment is certainly sufficient to hold all of the kayaker’s essential belongings, including phone, wallet and other small personal belongings. Unlike the dry cargo compartment, the wet cargo compartment provides ample space for the catch of the day. This perfect design space is to hold all the fish you can carry home and design to counterbalance with the hull for a smooth ride back to shore.

The Piece de Resistance (the French term for the single, outstanding accomplishment) of the Perception Pescador Pro 12 is the seat. The seat has the design to provide an excellent degree of comfort while sitting for many hours. The designers at Perception clearly understood the needs and desires of their clientele when this camp chair was designed. It’s not enough to glide smoothly along your favorite fishing spot when your back is breaking from sitting in a stiff cockpit all day. The Pro 12 camp chair has a stadium chair design with a strong mesh overlay. It is removable and adjustable. It is the most comfortable chair found in any kayak. In addition to being adjustable to two positions, the seat boasts an ergonomically constructed back, reinforced cushioning and specifically designed legroom positioning with accompanying footrest.

What Separates This Product From The Others

Hands down seat:

The seat is hands down, the superior feature of the Perception Pescador Pro 12. Considered as the best seat that has yet been incorporated into the kayak experience. This ergonomically designed, specially reinforced and adjustable seat takes first prize. Because comfort is considered highly valued in the all-day fishing experience. Perception has a true winner with the seat of the Pescador Pro 12. The fact that it is not only adjustable but also removable on a scale of excellence.

Camp Seat:

The camp seat is more than a comfy place to rest your butt and your back; it beats fatigue. An entire day’s excursion on the water is a physically draining experience. Ergonomic design is more than just a way to feel good. It is a much-needed assistant for the weary fisherman to keep him going over the course of a long day and, potentially, over the difficult terrain. Many modern fishing kayakers already experience excruciatingly long hours sitting in office chairs to make a living. The seat is so popular among kayak enthusiasts that consider being worth the price of the kayak, despite its other features and exceptional design.

The stadium-designed camp chair seat is not only exceedingly comfortable and durable but also well placed within the overall framework. Fans of the Pescador Pro 12’s seat appreciate how well it “fits” with other amenities. For instance, the adjustable footrest, for an overall, exquisite fishing experience.

In discussing the rest of the Pro 12’s accomplishments, let’s start with the kayak’s hull. The Perception Pescador Pro 12 outperforms other beginner kayaks by its specially engineered hull, which design is to work with wind push in order to glide gracefully on flat surface water. The hull is not slick but has a specially designed rough finish for ease of maneuverability. These design defeat drag in the water in a way that is surprisingly effective.

Varieties of Compartment:

The rest of the specific features of the Pro 12 work beautifully and holistically for an exceptional kayaking experience. The compartments – small and large, wet and dry – work in harmony to provide convenient storage for everything the fishing kayaker needs. The accessory holders are smartly positioning around the Pro 12 kayak to anticipate the fishing kayaker’s activities while onboard. The hardware that holds the whole thing together and the finish of the mainframe are all top-notch. Moreover, it gives the buyer a true sense of having made a quality purchase.

The Pescador Pro 12.0’s general kayaking performance is outstanding and earns real respect for its ride and maneuverability within its price point, which is under $1,000.00. This kayak paddles efficiently and smoothly. It’s mean to glide along the flat-water surface. If it were a part of the natural landscape and it achieves that goal in large measure.

Maneuvering structural design feature that does not go unnoticed by experienced fishing kayakers. The interior, as well as exterior design features of the Pro 12 kayaks design, is to accommodate the angler’s needs and assist in capturing more fish more often. Perception’s use of its “proprietary” high-density polyethylene is superb in creating a lightweight, ingeniously balanced vessel. The impressive manipulation of this material demonstrated in a number of ways, including the boat’s balance, surprising speed, and a satisfying host of other convenient features that cater to the particular needs of anglers.

Popular Fishing Kayak:

When an angler need not worry much about taking care to get into the kayak or to exit from it. On the other hand, modern kayak design has come a long way, indeed. The unexpected swiftness of the Pro 12 provides an added treat to the fisher. Those who want to get their special fishing spot or to get home to show off the day’s catch. The ancillary amenities, like the conveniently located accessory holders and placement of storage compartments, likewise make the angler feel as if this kayaks design with their special needs and desires at heart.

The concerns about the slight imperfections of the Pescador Pro 12 are certainly outweighed by the extraordinary performance and excellent features of the product. The Pro 12 is an exceedingly popular fishing kayak, which has achieved high marks from experienced fishing kayakers. Given all that comes with a purchase of the Pescador Pro 12.0. Above all, its superior design and awesome chair. It is a bargain within its under-a-thousand price point.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent balance for easy entrance and exit
  • Very Comfortable and adjustable seating
  • Stress-free legroom
  • Comfortable footrest
  • Durable construction and scratch-resistant coating
  • Somewhat ample compartments and accessory holders
  • Easy transportation features
  • Ideal for serious anglers without unnecessary weight and accessories
  • Can add rudder


  • Slightly oversized to fit for some vehicles.
  • Water resistant compartments are not water-sealed
  • Insufficient dry storage space for some users


Does the Perception Pescador Pro 12come with an anchor trolley?

No, it doesn’t. But, you can add that on for the cost of about $30.

Where are the carry handles on the Pro 12?

They are located in two areas: the bow and the stern.

Are there pad eyes installed on the Pescador Pro 12?

Yes, in fact, they are mounted in molded recesses of the kayak to avoid snagging equipment.