Kayaking in Florida

Kayaking is derived from kayak which in literal means to move across water. Kayak originates from the Greenlandic word qajaq which means to paddle or swim across water. A kayak is a ship which moves using paddles, with legs forward using a double bladed paddle which makes the ship easy to steer.

What does a kayak lover look for while searching for beautiful places to kayak around the globe? Well Florida has got it all. Florida is well known deep sea fishing, sightseeing at the beach of Orlando, the famous Ocean Drive or the Mallory Square but Florida also has these great spots for kayaking and canoeing which are yet to be discovered. All that kayakers look for is a beautiful calm scenery, clean primeval water and wildlife that grasp the depth of nature.

Kayakers all around the globe have visited the Raspberry Island in Alaska and others like white-walking rapids. Florida is yet to be excavated for one of the top tourist spots for kayaking.

Florida has primeval, natural and intact beautiful ocean which ranges over several miles. Florida is known for sunny rides to your way to Las Vegas and how great it is for road trips but it’s time we cultivated the beauty of Florida’s ocean.

The Best Time for Kayaking in Florida

It is better to go when the water is still and cold, best time to kayak your way through the water of Florida is during the dryer season or the winters. When the water pressure is mild and the ocean sleeps calm in the oblivion.

Places for Kayaking in Florida

There are several places to Kayak in Florida. Florida integrates with the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean; perhaps it is the only ocean in the world which touches the both oceans. Florida having the second biggest coastline in the United States of America, it stretches over 1350 miles (2170 km), now that is a big ocean.

Since it is the second biggest coastline in United States it offers wide range of alluring spots for kayaking.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 spots for kayaking with their special features mentioned below:

  • Rainbow River, Dunnellon: Veteran kayak lovers will not only enjoy the crystal clean, primeval water of this beautiful river you will also enjoy the abundant wildlife here. 
  • WeekiWachee Springs: With some of the clearest water in Florida WeekiWachee is one the most beautiful spots to spend your early morning kayaking, as you paddle across the crystal clear waters your eyes might catch a glimpse of an otter or a manatee. 
  • Juniper Run, Ocala National Forest: Excavate narrow and winding waterways of Juniper run, enriched with landscape of palms, cypress and southern hardwoods with the most fascinating wildlife experience ever.
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    Wekiwa Springs, Apopka: With hotels nearby and lush greenery surrounding kayaks, Wekiwa Springs have a pleasant view centuries old trees and field filled of lily pads. 
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    Wekiwa Springs, Apopka: With hotels nearby and lush greenery surrounding kayaks, Wekiwa Springs have a pleasant view centuries old trees and field filled of lily pads. 
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    Santé Fe Rivers: Opportunities to explore the ravishing wildlife experience on a “full moon paddling” journey as they host once a month a romantic night paddling. It is a mind boggling view of nature alongside with the beauty of the full moon itself. So get your partners ready, with hotels nearby, this might be a great spot for a romantic weekend.
  • Ichetucknee Springs, State Park, Fort White: With luminous waters stretching over six miles, it’s pretty reasonable to acknowledge why Ichetucknee Springs is one of the most famous spots for veteran kayakers around the globe. Ravishing view of wetland plants, rock formation and rich cypress forest.
  • Silver Spring State Park, Silver River: This glorifying river flows for about 8 miles spreading Ocklawaha River and Silver River apart, it is well known for historical landmarks and hiking spots around United States along with it has a beautiful scenery creating more attraction for tourists.
  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo; if you’re looking for a relaxing spot along with kayaking, I believe there is no better spot than John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. It has it all. Enjoy your beautiful sunset with rich mangroves surrounding you. You might even catch a rainbow of fishes and wildlife around here.
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    Little Manatee River, Wimauma; this gem of a diamond river is honestly breathtaking; it is stated to be “outstanding Florida water” by specialists. There no better spot for nature lovers than Little Manatee River provided it’s peaceful and quiet scenery.

Are You New as a Kayaker?

Veteran kayakers already know the best spots around the globe and what they are famous for, if you are a newbie and find kayaking soothing for your soul then Florida is the place it has been searching for its entire life. As a newbie you should also be aware of the safety measures that need to be taken since safety is always first.

Now you haven’t gone swimming in your night suit have you? You should know how to dress for kayaking. Wear your float bag. Always wear buoyancy aid, always bring extra clothes. You should also know how to rescue people and save yourself as well. Your posture while sitting in the kayak should be always proper. You should learn how to hold the paddle properly. You should have the entire paddling gear with you. Your kayak should be in proper physical shape to float.

Tips and Tricks for Kayaking

Kayaking in Florida
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    You will not be able to have proper control over the kayak, if you do not have a proper contact with the foot supports, backrest and thigh braces. If there is anything a kayaker should do prior to learning, the first thing is how to kayak to make sure that it is setup properly for the paddler.
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    It’s not rocket science but you will waste a lot less time and can easily learn how to paddle also recover from a capsize if you paddle around in circles for the first half an hour without any help.
  • 3
    Being on land is one thing and in water the other, as far as kayaking is concerned how to hold a kayak paddle on both the surfaces is the key. Since every new kayaker holds it incorrectly the first time and realizes later that it is propelled not by the arms but by the torso.
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    Even if you are confident enough to not get yourself in trouble it is essential to wear a buoyancy aid which works like a life jacket. More importantly if you are dressed for the weather instead of the water, chances are, you might get yourself wet!
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    With all that fun kayaking has to offer, it is necessary to keep the equipments with you in any case. For example, helmet, wetsuit, spray deck, buoyancy aid and etc.
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    Always remember that your fellow member are just as important as kayaking. You should always be prepared for any sort of trouble to keep your partner safe.
  • 7
    Choosing the right boat for yourself helps you stay intact. As for beginners a Sit-on-top boat is much reliable and stable to learn. Kayaking in lakes can be good for having a flatter boat to practice in.

What Types of Kayaking Can You Do?

Here’s a list of different type of kayaking which will give you the experience of an adrenaline rush.

Sea Kayaking:

It gives you the chance to reveal the beauty of wildlife having seals alongside and other beautiful creatures while you have fun in the sea. No wonder why seeing kayaking in Florida is so famous since remote coasts do make it a great spot to explore!

White Water Kayaking:

If taking on powerful rapids is your style then this is it for you! Bouncing down river spots and waterfall drops will give you the rush you’ve been missing your whole life. You can also get an experience of recreational kayak that’s suited to the water you’ll be paddling on.

Kayak Touring:

For a family trip, this is a great way of getting started where the focus is normally more on the journey than landing tricks or conquering technical rapids, you'll find yourself on the lakes, rivers or canals with no real white water or tough obstacles to deal with which is a big relief as a beginner.

Freestyle Kayaking

You'll find it amazing how freestyle kayakers are able to do astounding things in their nimble boats, which includes full on backflips! Well, we can simply justify it by the emphasize on their tips and tricks which are similar to mostly kayak surfing in this case.

Kayak Surfing:

Anyone that gets into kayak surfing usually will be found training from day one to achieve the finest paddling moves and tricks.Since you will face big waves, experience the thrill and fun altogether!

Kayaking is quite a versatile sport that can be enjoyed a lot from anywhere where there is water, which includes rivers and lakes to hidden coastlines. In the UK you might get to visit the most beautiful spots like the Lake District or Scottish Lochs for inland exploration or you can also head to the astonishing Pembrokeshire coast or often people tend to go to the Isle of Man to check out sea caves, wildlife and towering cliffs.

If you want a more thrilling yet breathtaking trip, the UK offers tonnes of man made white water centres like Tees Barrage International White Water Centre in Stockton-On-Tees or the Lee Valley where you can play around on the water rapids almost any day of the week you want. If you want to get started with kayaking it is quite easy since this sport is so widespread! There are plenty of places available to go kayaking in Florida that can hook you up in an instant from your very first time and will have a built in community of kayakers to hang out with and learn from if you are a beginner with a keen interest. There are clubs that will usually offer training and run trips to top kayak spots which helps a beginner hone their skills on the variety of water.

Why Do People Need to go Kayaking

Kayaking offers you the definite ability to not only get closer to but interact with nature a lot better as compared to the other outdoor activities. You will be able to travel and get insights to the wildlife and an unforgettable experience also, you get to enjoy sceneries that only a very small percentage of people are able to see.

It helps you relieve stress and opens your mind, providing emotional, mental and physical health benefits. Yet another good plus for those who are lazy enough to hit the gym on daily basis, kayaking is a fun way to shed off some pounds! So pick up the pace today and race your heart rate without having to hit the gym while enjoying the cardio benefits it has to offer.

Furthermore, there are many different uses within all these waters; ranging from marathon racing to water polo. First timers and learners are however advised to keep off deep and violent waters, and always remember to accompany a friend who has a good grip on kayaking or knows their way around water. Also, make sure that you take a handheld GPS with you if you want to never lose your favorite spot.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well to be honest, there are different rates everywhere but Florida has many spots which provide luxuries on a reasonable price and is not “that” expensive. Kayaking starts from $200 and ends around $2000. It might cost a little but trust me the experience is worth the money.

If you are all about up-and-go activities, kayaking should be first on your list!