How to Choose The Best Fishing Life Jackets

No one ever has the intention of being a victim of an accident, especially marine accidents. However, it’s important to have the best fishing life jackets before you go fishing, especially in your kayak. In this situation, you can easily swim over to shore, that’s if you are a swimmer. However, if you are not, and your kayak happens to cap-side, which will eventually do the slightest occurrence of an accident, you need to have a fishing life jacket to control the damage.

How to Choose The Best Fishing Life Jackets

Even as a great swimmer, there are some situations you’d be unable to control, like being knocked unconscious, or sustaining a deep arm injury, or dislocating a few bones, which would make it impossible to swim your way through. If you happen to get in such a situation, then you should be heavily equipped with a fishing life jacket, unless, you might not like the outcome. This, however, does not mean that a fishing life jacket is an ultimate solution to drowning, as it does not always ensure you would get out of the situation in a very great state of well being.

Top Tips on Selecting the Best Fishing Life Jackets

The fishing jacket’s function is to keep you at the top of the water, so you can be easily seen by lifesavers. In a condition of consciousness, where you are unable to swim due to one injury or the other, you can surely make use of the jacket in getting to safety, as you can maneuver your body to be able to drift the intended direction. Now, I’ll go to show you how to choose the best fishing life jacket. Although you might have the fanciest one before reading this post, I’ll advise you go through the points stated here, and if your dream life jacket matches it, then you should definitely get it.

Check the Safety Feature.

The best fishing life jackets have one thing in common; they are to save you from drowning. Before buying a jacket, you should check if it is capable of stepping up in dangerous situations. Can this jacket save me from drowning if eventually, I become unconscious? That’s a question you’ll need to ask yourself before making a choice. You should make sure your life jacket can keep your head, most especially your face above the water surface.

Check Coast Guard Seal of Authenticity

The coast guard is in charge of all water activities which relates to swimming and fun fishing. In choosing your life jacket, you should check for its approval by this military body. If there’s no seal of approval, then there are lots of life jackets out there that you can get. Note that if a fishing life jacket is not approved by the Coast Guard, then it means that it might be unsuitable for fishing or use on water, and using it is at personal risk.

Check for Safety of Children

You might want to take your son or daughter along, or maybe some kid you just love or met at the fishing area. You should make sure that the best fishing life jackets used by children are suitable for them. It should be of their size, as this allows it to keep them afloat in case of any unpleasant circumstances. A plus-sized jacket would do no good for a kid. So, you sure want different sizes for you and your kid. The best fishing life jackets are not one size fits all.

Choose a Comfortable Life Jacket.

You don’t want to itch and try to adjust the jacket when fishing, do you? When choosing a fishing life jacket, you should make sure that it is comfortable and it does not give you any problem. If your life jacket is not comfortable, then you might even be the cause of your accident, as you wouldn’t be concentrated on fishing, but rather on getting calm and comfortable. So, you are advised to go with your perfect size. You should put it on and see how it feels before buying it.

Make Sure it is Durable and Not Defective.

You should check for holes and tiny leakages in a life jacket before going on your next fishing expenditure. Holes can cause water to penetrate through the jacket, and this would render it useless, as it would be no different from a normal shirt.

Take Note of The Bladder Functionality

In getting a life jacket, you shouldn’t overlook keeping a check on the inflation bladder. If the bladder is not durable, and any sharp object happens to penetrate it, the life jacket would be unable to perform its duties.

Calculate The Buoyancy Rate

This is one of the most important things you need to check in a fishing life jacket. You should be able to know the exact weight that your life jacket can carry on water, and also this helps to keep your head well above water. It requires that as an individual who fishes for fun, your jacket should have a buoyancy rate of at least 35-36 pounds. However, an expert fisher and swimmer can make do with 22-25 pounds of buoyancy.

Consider The Design

The design of your best fishing life jackets determines the extra function it can deliver. I’d advise you pick a life jacket which has a high collar designed to keep your head fully protected from water. Also, high collar jackets are beautiful and fancy, and it can make you want to wear them more often.

Pick a life jacket which you’d always want to wear

An ugly looking life jacket would not motivate you when you want to go fishing. Most times, you might even forget to take it along when you want to fish. However, getting fancy and fashionable fishing life jacket would always make you want to visit the lake or river. Also, if your best fishing life jackets are appealing to live, trust me, you’d never forget to carry it along.

Pick Manual over Automatic

As much as the automatic life jackets seem to get to you, and almost everyone else, I’d advise you go with the manual jacket. Manual jackets are much easier to maintain, and they tend to last longer than the automatic ones. Also, keep an eye out for the gas cylinder. Make sure it is always in the perfect condition as this would increase usability. Now that you know how to choose the best fishing life jacket for your next fishing trip, I’d advise you go get one. And remember that life jackets are one of the reasons you rarely hear of cases of drowning.