How to Choose a Kayak Cart

Many people fancy kayaking, especially after a long week. With the help of a Kayak Cart, you can spend a joyful weekend and holidays. The feeling of leaving your assignments at the office for a lovely time at the riverside with your kayak creates an atmosphere peace and relaxation.

Sadly, most fishing kayaks have the problem of being heavy and bulky. This scenario makes them tiring and challenging to transport, thereby taking out all the fun in kayaking. At this point, a kayak cart is needed to prevent this from happening. Using this device, helps you move your small watercraft, gear and other essentials for your fishing activities.

Kayak carts serve as essential items for paddlers and making the right pick is not always easy. However, to make a wise choice, you should have the various parts of your craft and its related functions at the back of your mind.Well, the good news is that you can get valuable advice with this article. Sit back and relax while I show you how to choose a kayak cart that will turn your all fishing trips for fun and less stress. First, let’s tell you a little about kayak carts.

What Really is a Kayak Cart?

These types of equipment are primary kayak fishing tools that help you launch at fishing sites beyond your reach on wheels. It serves as great assistance no matter your distance from the water.

Kayak carts have features that help you go through woody and rough terrain without much effort and stress involved. One such feature is the plug-in feature which you’ll get to know more about later on, in this article.Now we’ve had a clear view of kayak carts and its use. Let’s talk about how to choose a kayak cart and various factors to consider when buying one.

1. First on the list is: Ctug Kayak Trolley

Ctug Kayak Trolley

Quite an expensive cart, but the Ctug has features that prove its worth.This product has a unique weight capacity of 300 pounds and more, making it a must-have for every fisherman. The tires are made with puncture proof technology making it ideal for use over gravels and rocks.

On the other hand, most users have issues with its complicated straps while others find it difficult understanding the instructions in its manual.


  • It has an impressive weight capacity.
  • Weighs less and very durable.
  • The tires ensure it grips well over rough terrain.
  • Easy to mount and dismount.


  • Expensive to purchase.
  • Most users find the straps challenging to set up.
  • The tires ensure it grips well over rough terrain.
  • Easy to mount and dismount.

2. Second on our list is: TMS KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier

TMS KAYAK-KY001 Canoe Carrier

Considered a deal breaker, this cart has a price and features that make it a worthy investment. This kayak carrier requires little assembly and has features that are extremely amazing.Constructed from stainless steel and aluminum, this tough product can support loads of up to 150 pounds.

It has wheels that move well on all types of surfaces making it easy for use in any area. It also has foam bumpers that keep the watercraft safe during transit.

On the other hand, the odor from the tires makes some users uncomfortable. Another flaw comes in the form of weak straps which break easily.


  • It supports heavy fishing kayaks.
  • It has a stand that helps you load the kayak straight into the water.
  • The all-terrain tires work well with any surfaces.


  • Its straps are weak.
  • The tires have offensive smell.

3. Third on our list is: Challenger Outdoors Kayak Cart

Challenger Outdoors Kayak Cart

Although this brand is third on our list, you will come across this item on your search for an ideal cart. The Challenger Outdoors cart can perform well under most conditions

Its V-shaped frame holds the kayak firmly in place. The frame also has a foam padding that keeps the craft free from damage. Its low-pressure balloon tires enable it glide over rough surfaces with ease.Although this item has its benefits, users see its big tyres as a flaw.


  • It has the ability to withstand rough terrain.
  • Its padded frame keeps the kayak secure.


  • It has big and heavy tyres.

4. Fourth on our list is: SUP Wheels Classic Standup Kayak Carrier

SUP Wheels Classic Standup Carrier

This product from SUP wheels packs a punch with its versatility. Although targeted towards surfers, the features of this product make it perfect for moving kayaks also.This cart has 14-inch tires (which do not go flat) that glide smoothly over rocks and sand.

The aluminum coated frame makes the item withstand rusting from the sea air and other conditions. You can also fold the unit and keep in storage. However, you cannot use it with inflatable kayaks and large-sized watercraft.


  • Aluminum coated frames that are resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • Amazing tyres for all terrains.


  • Design to carry specific carts.

5. Fifth on our list: Malone Deluxe Clipper

Malone Deluxe Clipper

This essential fishing gear sports 10-inch airless tires which are removable. The presence of a padded frame and straps ensures your kayak does not fall off. Furthermore, the structure can carry weights of up to 200 pounds making it ideal for use with different kayak sizes.

However, the price of this product makes it not be popular with some users. The weak strap also poses as a drawback for this item. If you choose to overlook, these minor flaws, this product can make your trip to your fishing spot stress-free.


  • Airless tyres with puncture prove.
  • Amazing tyres for all terrains.


  • It has a weak strap, susceptible to fracture easily.
  • Not very cost effective.
  • Performs poorly on sandy terrains.

6. Sixth on our list is: Suspenz Smart Airless DLX

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX

This cart is constructed to move your kayak easily and quickly, making it a worthy mention on this list. You can fold this carrier and place it immediately in a compact storage space of 27×13 x 3 inches.

Users find its airless tyres appealing as they suit most terrains and do not go flat. It also comes with bumpers made with rubber that protects the hull of your kayak to prevent shock and avoid damage.However, this cart cannot move well over sand. Some people also find this item a little overpriced for its functions.


  • Airless tires that work with most surfaces.
  • It has a rubber made bumpers that protect your kayak.
  • Easy to fold.


  • The price does not match the features of this cart.
  • Not suitable for sandy paths.

7. Seventh on our list is: Bonnlo Kayak Cart

Bonnlo Kayak Cart

If you plan to purchase a cart which you can easily install and disassemble, then this gear should feature on your shopping list. Although it has no fancy functions, it makes up for this in other ways.This cart has an impressive towing capacity of 165 pounds, giving it the ability to carry the heaviest fishing kayaks. The rubber tires do not go flat and move over rugged terrain with ease. You can take this cart apart without much fuss and fix it back also with ease.

Despite all these advantages, the low kickstand of this item can get caught up in roots along wooded areas. It also cannot hold some kayaks firmly.In summary, purchasing this cart saves you money in the long run as you do not have to replace the tires regularly.


  • Tyres do not go flat.
  • It has a high carriage capacity.


  • Low kickstand disturbs movement in some areas.

8. Eight on our list is the: Best Choice Products Kayak Carrier Cart

Best Choice Products

This solid cart comes with a 12ft strap that guarantees 100% security for your kayak. It also has the load capacity of 150 pounds making it ideal for heavy kayaks.

An impressive feature of this product, it comes with foam tyres that never go flat. This cart equally comes with a price tag that can excite any angler.

However, some users find this cart challenging to use, and the straps require extra attention during transit.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • It comes with long lasting foam tyres.


  • Hard to Use
  • Straps require regular checks

9. Ninth on our list is the: TMS Jon Boat Kayak Canoe Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley

 TMS Jon Boat Kayak Canoe Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley

This exciting model from TMS sells at an affordable price and comes with even more exciting features to suit any fisherman.

This product has dual carts, giving you the ability to move two kayaks at the same time. Each cart has the weight capacity of 150 pounds, giving it the ability to carry massive craft. It also has a stand which makes your kayak stable during trips.

Although an exciting product, the smelly tyres of each unit makes some users give it low ratings. Asides the smell, the cart will serve any fisherman well.


  • It’s a budget-friendly cart.
  • It offers dual carriage.


  • Tyres come with a horrible smell

10. Last on our list is the: Malone Nomad Standard Universal Kayak Cart

Malone Nomad Standard Universal Kayak Cart

This Malone kayak cart has a light and durable aluminum frame which support heavy loads. This part of the gear also allows you to handle the cart quickly.

This cart also includes a kickstand and straps that hold your load firmly in place. It also features 10-inch tires that can last for long periods thereby saving you money. The padded features make your kayak save from dents and scratches while on motion.

Its inability to run over sandy tracks presents itself as a flaw to some users. It also has the downside of not supporting aluminum made kayaks.


  • This item features strong straps.
  • Tyres do not require frequent replacing.


  • Not suitable for sandy terrains.

The Type of Tyres Used in a Kayak Cart

The main reason for purchasing a kayak cart is the movement of your craft on land from one point to another. Using a cart with a wrong set of wheels usually makes this activity tiring.

A major thing you need to consider when buying or making a kayak cart is the environment where it will be used. The wheels and the material it’s made off, determines the type of cart you should purchase in this case.An ideal tire makes your trip to your point of launch easier. Furthermore, it also keeps your watercraft safe from dents and scratches which happen when moving through rough areas. The wheels of carts come in different forms, and they are as follows:

Plastic Tire Kayak Cart

Considered a top favorite by anglers, this type of cart made from plastic has numerous benefits. Easy to carry and store, you can use these tires over paved surfaces, and they are very cost effective. They also do not get flat. However, they don’t travel well over sandy ground.

Pneumatic Tire Kayak Cart

Pneumatic Tire carts have tires with an airtight inner core filled with air. Equally loved by fishermen, these type of carts move smoothly over all kinds of surfaces. On the other hand, these types of tires become flat after some time. They can also experience punctures from sharp objects.

Foam Filled Tire Kayak Cart

Kayaks can also be carried by these types of carts. They have wheels with tires filled with rubber products instead of air, like the usual pneumatic tires. They are used over a wide range of terrain and do not go flat. However, the price of carts of this nature presents a significant problem.

Balloon Tire Kayak Cart

Fishing kayaks can also be carried by carts with balloon tires. Balloon tires contain air at low pressure making them ideal for sandy ground. Despite this fact, tyres made from these materials do not move well over rocky surfaces. They also are expensive and can even become flat.

The Size of the Wheel

Before you know how to choose a kayak cart, you should also consider the size of the wheel of your cart. Tall wheels have more strength which enables you to place the cart closer to the craft. More extensive and larger wheels have strong features which make them move easily over sand.

The Style of the Kayak-Cart

Another factor to consider if you want to know how to choose a kayak cart wisely is its style. Kayak carts come in four different forms. Each cart has its specific features which benefit you in different ways.

End Cart Style

When using an end cart, ensure you place them at the back of the kayak. These carts do not use straps to secure the craft making them easy to use. But end carts do not support kayaks which are larger in size.

Strapped Kayak Cart

This style of cart keeps your kayak in place with the use of straps. Before strapping, you place the kayak on the roof rack of the cart.

Before choosing a strapped cart, take note that the straps might loosen. Your kayak might also require additional straps to hold it firmly in place thereby protecting it from damage. Some models provide extra straps to serve this purpose.

Plug-In Kayak Cart

This model is attached to the holes used to drain water in kayaks (scupper holes). Scupper holes are usually found in sit-on-top kayaks.

This type of carts has wheels that are fixed and light in nature. It is also reliable and easy to build. However, make sure your craft can fit perfectly with this craft.

Folding Kayak Cart

You can use this type of cart to move your kayak easily. This feature and its firmness make itAnyone of the carts mentioned earlier can serve as an ideal option for your kayak. Although, you may decide to make your choice based on the cart’s stability and how well it holds your craft. Plug in carts makes good investments when used on rough surfaces while for secure storage, the folding models present a better choice of fishing gear.

The material of the Frame

When choosing a cart for a kayak, you should consider the material used to produce the frame. If you have plans of fishing in the salty water, plastic frames will serve as a better option since ocean air corrodes steel. Powdered coated aluminum also is a great option to use in such environments as well as for heavy kayaks.

Adjustable Kayak Cart Width

Numerous kayaks have different widths due to the brand of the craft. If you plan to move various sizes of kayaks, ensure you have a cart that allows for easy adjustments to its width. Some of these carts can adjust to diameters of up to 10 inches, an ideal fit for kayaks of all sizes.

Weights of the Items Involved and the Carrying Capacity of the Cart

Just about most kayaks weigh between 30 and 150 pounds. Inevitably, there are bound to be individual cases where some craft might weigh more or less. With this in mind, ensure you have knowledge of the weight capacity of your kayak before you make a choice.

Try to also put in mind the weight capacity of the cart. A model that supports loads of more than 150 pounds can serve as general purpose cart. Models with lower capacities work well with inflatable or lighter kayaks.Kayaks and their carts have combined weights which might affect their movement. The stronger the cart, the more difficult it is to move around. The plug in cart makes for the lightest option when you consider weight.Apart from kayaks, you might need to take additional equipment and other items on your fishing trip. Having a cart that can carry these items easily saves you the effort of having to make many trips to your vehicle. For this reason, be sure to purchase a cart with the highest load capacity which is usually 300 pounds.

Purpose of Use

Before you purchase a fishing kayak cart, your goal of use can determine how you may make a selection. If you prefer to engage in activities such as surfing alongside fishing, a multipurpose cart will make an ideal match. These types of carts can carry kayaks and boards easily.

Some carts have widths that you can adjust or flexible features that can support kayaks of various sizes and paddle boards.


Knowing the how to choose a kayak cart based on its ease of storage passes for a brilliant idea. To create ample space, purchase a cart you can store (when it’s not in use) and carry with you in your vehicle when you go fishing.You can fold or disassemble most frames. If you want to purchase a cart with a foldable frame, ensure if its length allows for easy storage.


Purchasing kayaks might bore a hole in your pocket. With this scenario, you might think you can only afford cheaper models of carts (which are seen as non-durable)

However, there are models which are compact and stable. They also come at a right price too. Various online and offline stores offer deals on carts that can meet whatever amount you have in your budget.Now that you know how to choose a kayak cart based on the factors above, you can soon visit your store with enough confidence to make a decent purchase. However, if you need further advice on what brand to go for, here are top 10 kayak carts for all your fishing activities.

Final Word

Numerous fishermen use kayaks on their fishing trips. Since these crafts have extensive features, people find them difficult to move around.

Kayak carts can help you transport your kayak without much stress. Besides, knowing how to choose a kayak cart involves having a good idea of its various parts and features.Factors to consider before you purchase a cart include the weight capacity, the material used in constructing the frame, the style of the carrier and the type of tyres.

Choosing the right type of cart for your vessel keeps it safe from damage and makes your fishing trips enjoyable and stress-free. So what are you waiting for? Choose one of the fishing kayak carts on our list to get a craft that you really need.

In conclusion, all the carts listed here are ideal for every fisherman. However, you should consider various factors before making a purchase based on our review.