Best Fly Fishing Rods Reviews 2018​ - Ultimate Buying Guide

Definitely, fly fishing rods are very interested in anglers. Angler always preferred to best fly fishing rods. Fly fishing rods are very remarkable fishing rods in the world. They have several modern features and qualities. Catching fish becomes so easy by the fly fishing rods. They are very long lasting and ultra-modern fishing rods. Anglers can not think their proper fishing life without a fly fishing rod.

However, for every angler fly fishing rod is the supreme tools. Nowadays fly fishing rods are very helpful to catch all types of fly fishes. After all, to catching fly fishes every angler should choose a fly fishing rod. But all the roads are not suitable to get a successful fishing life. Every angler should choose the bet fly fishing rods anymore. Here, I have describes some best fly fishing rods in the world.

Features of the best fly fishing rods

The best fly fishing rods contains several features and qualities. The most remarkable features are mentioned below.


The accuracy of a fishing rod relies on the action-ability of the rod. When a fishing rod works swiftly, an angler can catch fish easily. That means the main features of a fishing rod is its action. If the rod works without any trouble, the angler can catch fish without any trouble. So, you should choose the best effective fishing rod.

Rod length

Rod length is the most significant features of a fishing rod. By a long fishing rod, anyone can catch deep water fish. But it is almost impossible to catch a deep and big fish by a short length fishing rod. So, the effectivity of a fishing rod fully depends on the length of a fishing rod. The length helps the angler to catch their expecting fishes. So, the length is one of the critical features of the best fly fishing rods.

Rod Materials

The productivity of a fly fishing rod relies on the manufacturing materials of a rod. Effective rods are made of valuable materials. Resulting, angler get special facilities from this types of the rod. Before choosing a fishing rod, every angler should check construction material of the rod. The materials affected much during the fishing time. It also very durable and long lasting which are made by heavy and valuable materials.

Fly line

To catching fly fishes, the fly line is very considerable.Without a perfect fly line, nobody can hope to catch fish. Fly line helps to the angler to catch all types of fishes. There are many other purposes of using a fly line. So, the fly line is also an important feature of a fishing rod.

How to choose the best fly fishing rods?

Choosing the best fly fishing rods is not easy anyhow. The angler should be conscious different things before buying a perfect fishing rod. Here are some important ways for choosing the best fishing rods.


The precondition of choosing a fly fishing rod is durability. The most durable rods are very acceptable for the anglers. The working skills of rods rely on the durability of it. Without a durable fly fishing rod, it is unimaginable to catch fish properly.

Construction Process

It is a most magnificent thing to consider the construction process of the rod. A well-constructed fly fishing rod is reliable and standard. It is also very popular in the world. There are different types of the fly fishing rod in the world. But we find only a few well-constructed rod ever. So, it is must be considered for an angler to have a better fishing life.

Fishing type

There are enough differences to angler from fishing. There are several fishing locations in the world like ocean, river, lake or pond. The types of fishing also different according to the location. So, an angler should be conscious about his fishing type before choosing a perfect fishing rod.

Your budget

Budget is also an important considerable thing to choose the best fishing rod. If you want to buy a standard quality based fishing rod, you need a large amount. But the normal rods are very cheap to buy.So, your available rods entirely depends on your budget. Hence, you should purchase your respective rod according to your budget.

Recommended Best Fly Fishing Rods with Reviews

Here given 10 best Fly fishing Rods reviews from various parts , brands, and styles. Check them below.


Product Name

Editor Rating


G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Fishing Rods

G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Fishing Rods

4.8/5 Stars

6 M

Scott Radian Fly Rod

Scott Radian Fly Rod

4.9/5 Stars

5.5 M

Douglas Fly Fishing Rod DXF5904

Douglas Fly Fishing Rod DXF5904

4.5/5 Stars

Cell 3 / 4

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

4.6/5 Stars

7 M

Sage ONE Fly Rod

Sage ONE Fly Rod and Sage Approach Fly Rod Outfit

4.7/5 Stars

5.5 M

Orvis Clearwater

Orvis Clearwater 2-weight 6′ Fly Rod

4.9/5 Stars

6 M

Hardy Zephrus FWS Fly Rod

Hardy Zephrus FWS Fly Rod

4.9/5 Stars

7 M

Redington PATH Fly Rods

Redington PATH Fly Rods

4.5/5 Stars

8 M

St. Croix Legend Elite Freshwater Fly Fishing Rods

St. Croix Legend Elite Freshwater Fly Fishing Rods

4.7/5 Stars

7.5 M

Winston Boron IIIx Fly Rod

Winston Boron IIIx Fly Rod

4.5/5 Stars

5.5 M

1.G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Fishing Rods

The G. Loomis NRX record gave us the most effective comprehensive performance in each long and short casting and has all the options that created us wish to grant it the primary review. Because of its flex tip, it’s a medium action feel, while not suffering in higher end performance.

G Loomis fly fishing rods

It records “light performance” label holds true, as we have a tendency to found this rod to grant extraordinarily light-weight and swish casts, whereas still giving a robust and sensitive feel to the user.At a moderate to high value vary, this can be positively our go-to fishing pole.So, I suggest you buy these types of rods.

Features of G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Fishing Rods

  • Deal for delicate presentations
  • Soft action with a medium taper
  • ​Superb smooth casting ability for ultra-thin leaders and light tippets
  • ​Great for fishing small and medium dry files
  • True tracking, for delicate casts to finicky fish is clear water

2.Scott Radian Fly Rod

Have no tough for any rod to the touch the Scott Radian Fly Rod in our opinion, however, the Scott angular unit takes a really sensible swing at it. It provides a very light-weight performance; but, this still provides all the facility, control, and variability.That a fast action rod can work easily.Whereas it performs well in seawater, its ability to catch fresh trout is its main draw.So I suggest you choose this valuable fishing rod.

The features of Scott Randian Fly Rod

  • ​First has finally met feel
  • ​Beautiful unsanded blank and legendary scott build quality
  • ​ReAct technology dramatically increases recovery speed
  • Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado

3. Douglas Fly Fishing Rod DXF5904

The Douglas Fly Fishing rods performs very well for a moderately low value. Whereas this rod comes in an exceedingly few totally different sizes and weights for either H2O or fresh fishing, We would choose the nine foot 6wt rod for optimum performance and variability.Each rod comes with a singular cork handle for best individual performance.

Whereas this can be a more modern company compared to most of the others on our list, we have a tendency to blue eyed the all-around feel and also the nice value of Douglas’s DXF.

Features of Douglas Fly Fishing Rod DXF5904

  • ​High modulus blanks
  • ​Fishing tapers for both strength and presentation
  • Wood insert reel seat with anodized unlock
  • ​AAA cork grip, scaled for each rod size
  • ​Saltwater rods weights 7-10 weight 
  • ​Hard chrome stripper frames and snakes guides
  • ​Codura triangle tube with rod sock

4.Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

Listen closely that if you’re within the marketplace for an inexpensive fishing rod, the Fenwick Aetos is totally the rod for you. This rod is oversubscribed at budget client outlets. However seems like it might match right reception mounted in higher-end fishing outlets furthermore. The Autos provides a high fast-action performance and feels nearly as powerful as its high-priced competitors. Whereas it’s not last quite as long or be quite as sturdy because the higher-end rods, it’ll provide you with a hell of a ride throughout its period of time.

Features of Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

  • High-performance fast action blank
  • ​Large diameter gun-smoke stripper guides and double foot gun-smoke snake guides
  • ​Real seat: Aluminum anodized double lock
  • Have the mini fighting butt. #8wt has full wells grip and fighting butt

5.Sage ONE Fly Rod and Sage Approach Fly Rod Outfit

We feel that the Sage ONE fishing pole is another excellent rod on our list. 4-piece, 5wt, and nine feet long. The Sage One gave us a good performance. This was an especially fast-action rod, thus you wish to form positive you’re terribly intimate with before you choose up this rod. Comparable to the Sage one, we’ve conjointly enclosed the Sage Approach Bundle in our list. The Approach is additional of a medium-action rod, and already comes with the matching fly line and fly reel for the most effective performance with this rod.After all, each Sage rods associate with a period warranty!

The features of Sage ONE Fly Rod and Sage Approach Fly Rod Outfit

  • Smooth, medium-fast action Sage Approach Fly Rod w/Lifetime Warranty
  • ​Sage 2200 Series Reel with premium sealed drag system
  • ​Loaded with Premium RIO Gold WF Floating Line, RIO Dacron Backing, and RIO Tapered Leader
  • ​Sage Rod & Reel Case
  • All outfits from are shipped properly rigged and ready to fish!

6. Orvis Clearwater 2-weight 6′ Fly Rod

It is a most significant fishing rod in the world. It has a new invention of fishing categories. Several modern features included on this effective fishing rod. It is very helpful for fishing any kinds of water. If any angler wants to fish in all kinds of a water source, he must choose this types of the fishing rod.This type of rod is popular to amateur and professional angler. Unfortunately, if any angler fails to buy this effective fly fishing rod, he must be fall in danger in his fishing life, So, I suggest you choose this effective fishing rod. This type of rod is popular to amateur and professional angler. Unfortunately, if any angler fails to buy this effective fly fishing rod, he must be fall in danger in his fishing life, So, I suggest you choose this effective fishing rod.

Features of Orvis Clearwater 2-weight 6′ Fly Rod

  • Special construction materials
  • ​Durable
  • ​Reliable
  • ​Smooth drag system
  • ​Special gear ratio
  • Long lasting

7.Hardy Zephrus FWS Fly Rod

Hardy Zephrus FWS Fly rod is another necessary tool for an angler. An angler can not think his fishing life without this effective fly fishing rod. This rod has large gear ratio and special drag system. It is very long lasting fishing rod forever. However, it is popular for its own facilities and features. So, I suggest you buy this effective fly fishing rod.

The features of Hardy Zephyrs FWS Fly Rod:

  • Sintrix 440 Blank construction
  • ​REC Black pearl recoil guides
  • ​Fuji Titanium stripper guides
  • ​Fast action blank design
  • Selected Hardwood and Triaxial carbons

8.Redington PATH Fly Rods

When angler searching the best fly fishing rod, they usually find the Redington PATH Fly fishing rod. It is trusted to the angler for its ability and affordability. The professional angler always takes their concept on this rod. It is useful for fishing in any circumstance. It not only a durable rod but also very useful for catch enough fishes. So, I suggest you purchase this special fly fishing rods.

Features of Redington PATH Fly Rods

  • All water, moderate-fast action rod
  • ​Durable anodized aluminum reel seat, ideal for all fresh and saltwater applications
  • ​Alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • ​Rods come with black cloth rod tube
  • Combo includes: Path rod, Path reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream WF fly line, and zippered carrying case

9. St. Croix Legend Elite Freshwater Fly Fishing Rods

We have noticed that angler always interested on this modern fly fishing rod. It is one of the best rods in the world. It has used for various purposes. Especially, it is useful for catching bigger fisher.If the angler wants to have a durable and reliable fishing rod, he should choose this one.So, don’t feel hesitation to buying this essential fly fishing rod.

Features of St. Croix Legend Elite Freshwater Fly Fishing Rods

  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) tooling technology.
  • ​Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™).
  • Super high-modulus SCVI graphite with FRS in lower section for maximum power and strength with reduced weight.

10.Winston Boron IIIx Fly Rod:

Winston Boron, I’ll Fly Rod is constructed of various facilities and features. Its made by special parts and materials. It is helpful to catch fish easily. In the water, it very trusted to catching fish without any trouble. It has included several conveniences for catching fish swiftly. It has included modern drag system which helps to fish easily. I want to suggest you choose this one.

The features of Winston Boron I’ll Fly Rods

  • Length: 9′ 0″
  • ​Line Weight 5WT
  • ​Modern drag system
  • ​Special gear ratio
  • ​durability and reliability
  • Heavy construction materials

Final Verdict

Generally, the best fly fishing rods are very popular in the worldwide. All the professional angler always prefer this effective rod. It gives sufficient benefits to angler during the fishing time. Fly fishing reels are top of the market. The ability and capability of this rods are tremendous. If an angler wants to make a successful fishing life, he must buy the best fly fishing rods anyhow. Without having a magnificent fly fishing rod, nobody can expect to catch as their wish.

Nowadays, all the angler wants to buy a suitable rod which helps them to their fishing life.But sometimes many angler fall victim of failure. There are several reasons for their failure. The most remarkable reason is unaware of choosing the best fly fishing rod. Most of them are haven’t enough experience on the features and qualities of the reels.

Resulting, they can not buy the best rod. But it is almost impossible to catching fish without a perfect fly fishing rod. So, we have mentioned some of the magnificent fly fishing rods in our website. All the active and professional angler should choose these rods. It is also important to choose these effective fly fishing rod for the beginners. Beginners must be needed to buy the best one for his suitable fishing life.

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