Best Fishing Canoes [2021 Reviewed]

When planning a excursion out to the river Canoe is the first word that comes to your mind. With websites and stores spamming you with so many option and features this review is a guide to help you out to make the best fishing canoe purchase best suited to your needs and the kind of river fun you have in mind. If I am driving on the weekend and I come across a beautiful lake. If the mood is right and the weather is great parking up and inflating the Canoe in a matter of minutes is a great way to make that weekend count. The Canoe is the oldest mode of water transport known to mankind; there are canoes available with all sorts of features and options which makes it a difficult purchase. Honestly who would want a bad purchase ruin their outdoor fun.

1. Intex Excursion 5

The Intex Excursion 5 is considered an entry level, 5 person inflatable water boat but it is heavy duty, the PVC substance used is extremely durable and can accommodate five people at one time. The company with its 40 year history shows commitment towards putting their customers’ needs by making the best fishing canoe suited for fun, available in the market right now.

Best fishing canoe

Features of the Product:

  • 3​ air chambers:

The boat consists of three air chambers that give it buoyancy and as a result easy movement in the water which makes it the best fishing canoe for outdoor fun if the user has up to five people in the party. Besides the three main air chambers the boat also consists of an additional auxiliary chamber for a smooth ride and easy boat tackling.

  • Boston valve on two main hull chambers:

The boat has two Boston valves installed on the two main hull chambers which makes the boat easy to inflate. This option gives the user efficient air spreading throughout the body of the boat. The purpose of the having two Boston valves on each main chamber is that it significantly reduces inflation and deflation time because honestly who want to wait for that long.

  • Inflatable I-Beam floor for comfort and rigidity:

The boat has an inflatable I-Beam floor with provides the boat a center of gravity and rigidity so that the toss and turn has the least effect on the stability of the boat, this feature also makes the boat suitable for a little rough waters. This feature makes it easier for the user to control the boat and move it in a certain direction. The boat also come with two oar locks fixed on the sides of the boat has two welded oar locks on each side which makes it the best for smooth control when peddling.

  • Motor Mount Fitting:

The boat also provides the user with the option to install a motor to steer the boat, with the help of a motor mount fitted on the body of the boat the user can motor steer the boat if peddles are not the thing.

  • All around grab line:

While on the boat movement is easy for safety of the people there is an all around grab line which helps the travelers move around the boat while the boat is in the water. This feature is added for extra safety and a hassle free movement around the boat.


  • Super portable and extremely affordable.
  • Easy inflation and deflation.
  • Portable with a lot of accessories.


  • Not as durable as more expensive boat available
  • Warranty duration only 30 days after the purchase.

2. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a two person inflatable boat which makes it the best fishing canoe equipment to own when planning an outdoor trip in mild rivers. Its top of the line design and an eye caching yellow color makes this boat stand out. Convenient and easy to use for beginner peddlers

Best fishing canoe

Features of the Product:


When planning a boat trip comfort is the name of the game, the boat come with adjustable and inflatable seats. The back rest is designed to provide the user the maximum comfort while peddling. The leg space is appropriate enough for user to enjoy a comfortable and a luxurious fun outdoors


The boat is built keeping in mind user comfort and space; it is a two person boat which measures 20 x 36 x 123 inches. This design makes the boat one of the best two person canoe available in the market right now.

  • Removable skeg:

The boat comes with the feature of a removable skeg. Due to this feature the user has the option to trim the boat when the skeg is attached, but when the weather is windy the skeg can be removed so that the boat does not get sidetracked, so this makes the user achieve directional stability.


The funky yellow color on the boat is not just for design it has two purposes first of it makes the boat look amazing when the user in using it in sunny conditions, but the other most important feature is that the color makes the boat visible to other water vessels in the vicinity as it makes it easier to spot in emergency conditions and low visibility conditions.


The boat is specially designed to cater to the comfort and tackling problems for boating in small bodies of water i.e. lakes and mild rivers.


  • Incredibly spacious for an outdoor canoe.
  • Dedicated space for extra equipment.
  • Light Weight and heavy duty at the same time.
  • Adjustable back seats for extra comfort.
  • Absolute bargain in terms of price as compared to other canoes available.


  • The color makes the material absorb heat in sunny conditions.

3. Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat With Motor Mount

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a two person inflatable boat which makes it the best fishing canoe equipment to own when planning an outdoor trip in mild rivers. Its top of the line design and an eye caching yellow color makes this boat stand out. Convenient and easy to use for beginner peddlers

Best fishing canoe

Features of the Product:


When on a trip out to the river there always an insecure feeling regarding the canoe tipping over, if that is the case with the Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat those worries are a thing of the past. The boat is designed in such a way that it can withstand a large amount of disturbance in the water. This boat is the best when it come to stability and accurate steering. However this boat is not an entry level item as it assembly takes some amount of consideration.

  • Rod holder:

The rod holder is made of sturdy material and can be attached to three different places on the boat.This feature gives the user the option to adjust the position of the rod according to their comfort and hand position. There are two stands on each side of the boat and on those stands are three location where the rod holder can be attached giving the user a stress free paddling option.

  • Anchor System:

Like a spot on the river and you do not want to leave your boat drop an anchor in the river as this boat comes with an anchor feature with high quality fillable mesh bags for the user to adjust the anchor weight according to their preference. Once the boat is anchored lifting the large amount of weight has also been made easy as the boat anchor comes with a system of pulley controls making it easier for the user to pull the anchor up without any strain or difficulty. The whole anchoring system is connectable to the right side or the left side according to the preference of the user.

  • Sturdy two position Motor mount for trolling:

If the user does not want to paddle the boat comes with the option of a motor mount that is made with material that can withstand pressure and a sizeable amount motor size. There are two motor mounts on the boat, it is the preference of the user on which side to mount the motor, or simultaneously two motors can be used at the same time making this boat turn into a beast.

  • Color: Sage Green/Black:

The boat seat is padded for comfort, can be folded down and is made from heavy duty plastic material. The color is a classy sage green giving the boat the look of an alligator in the water. This boat includes 20 pockets for storage of food, drinks and other supplies. The pockets are insulated so that the heat has no effect on the storage. The canoe also has a rear storage area and a battery platform.


  • The price is low as compared to other non entry level boats.
  • Decent storage space and load capacity.
  • Abrasion resistant PVC and nylon tops.


  • Heavy weighted as compared to similar products in the market.

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