Best Portable Fish Finders [2022 Reviewed]

Looking at the older models of wired fish finders, they had to be attached to a motor boat’s electrical system for them to work. With the new and improved wireless fish finders, you can take them anywhere you want.

We have a huge list of portable fish finders. Finding the right one can be very devastating to a potential buyer. You don’t know what to look for; what model is right for you. We have been able to narrow down some of the best portable fish finders, we have on our market.

For first time user, the fish finder can work to its full expectation and it is not entirely foolproof. With a little bit of practice and adjustment to the settings, it can be your best buddy out there in the deep waters.

Here are the top rated portable fish finders on the market.

MODELDeeper Smart Sonar Pro +Portable Fish FindersFish Hunter Military GradeFish Hunter Military GradeLucky Wifi Fish FinderPortable Fish FindersVexilar Sonar Phone T-PodLucky Wifi Fish FinderiBobberPortable Fish Finders
CONNECTION TYPEWifiWifiBluetoothWifiWifiBluetooth
CONNECTION RANGE330 ft80 ft130 ft150 ft90 ft
DEPTH RANGE260 ft100 ft130 ft90 ft135 ft
OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE-4oF to 104oF-22oF to 95oF0oF to 70oF-4oF to 176oF0oF to 125oF

Detailed Reviews of Top 5 Best Portable Fish Finders

The best portable fish finders are the ones that are good at finding fish, and they don’t take up much space. In this article, We’ve done the research for you and compiled this list of the top five best portable fish finders.

1. Deeper Smart Sonar Pro + Portable Fish Finders

Portable Fish Finders

Fishing in the 21st century has been taken to the next level with the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro. The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro being small in size can be cast out into your preferable area of fishing. The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro sends sonar data, wirelessly, back to your smartphone. You can avoid buying an expensive and power-hungry display device.


This device, in a lot of ways, is a game-changer. Dispensing with a standalone LCD monitor and controller, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro +uses your phone as a screen. That means you can get data through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is built in the “ball” of the device, and you don’t need a “data plan” or Wi-Fi routers installed at the lake site or on your boat.

It gives a good display of colors. You have great resolution and contrast levels on your phone, that will make screens of most fish finders look inferior. With a ”broadband” sonar capability, fish finders can look in every direction. It has high-frequency transducers installed in ”the ball”. These send out pulses in different directions.

Functionality & Options

The Deeper Smart pro + is suitable for freshwater and saltwater. It is  of compact size, it can be of real use for a kayak.

This fish finder weighs only 0.22 pounds, with a diameter of 2.6 inches. You can find fantastic fishing spots in your expeditions and its little weight makes it float.

The Deeper Smart pro + is most suitable for use on boats, kayak, canoe, in lakes, on the shoreline, or even in the backyard ponds. It is conducive for ice fishing.


It has a standard one year warranty – covers your purchase/return if the Deeper Smart pro + is defective


It has long-lasting battery life.

Excellent customer support service.

High-quality and clear display of images.

Long range Wi-Fi connection of up to hundred meters.

It has lots of good features- weather forecast and fishing notes including sonar.

You can connect the echo-sounder to multiple devices and store data in the cloud.


It is recommended to switch off your mobile data connection. 

Battery lifespan is up to only 6 months. You need to find a replacement.

2. iBobber Portable Fish Finders

iBobber Fish Finder

The portable iBobber fish finder is what you can bring with you wherever you go fishing. The design of the iBobber considered the factor portability and flexibility. Anglers and fish finders of all skill levels and types could take the latest in portable sonar fish finding technology with them released into the market.


The iBobber is one of the smallest and lightest fish finders on the market to carry with ease. This is really cool. The iBobber has wireless connectivity, enables it to sync with the free app on your smartphone or tablet up to hundred feet radiance.

With sonar technology engineered in its design, it can provide top-notch accurate readings of the location of fish, the bottom contours, depths, and structures up to a distance of 135 feet. You can imagine how this incredible technology can fit into such a small device. The iBobber device was designed to be used for various activities – camping, hiking, kayaking or canoeing, this is very ideal.

The free app on smartphones synchronized with the iBobber device via Bluetooth connection, allows you to mark spots, map waterbeds, log water temps and depth, or add lures, species, and photos in the trip log.

The iBobber device has the LED beacon and fish alarms, with great features for night fishing and ice fishing. Its high contrast design helps visibility enabling you to see your fishing spots easily. Battery backup is good – Ten hours, giving you a longer period to fish.

Functionality & Options

Fish Finder

How the iBobber functions is straightforward. You need to just attach a fishing line through the eyelet of the iBobber and cast where you want to start mapping the contour of the waterbed or, where it is visible beneath the water. The iBobber gets activated upon contact with the water, and starts to “see” fish, determine depth, and water temperature. For you to successfully map the waterbed contour down to 135ft, you have to tap the app to the Waterbed Mapping screen.


The iBobber has a  one year Limited Warranty that covers your purchase/return for up to one year if the iBobber is defective


Affordable Costs $100.

Easy to set up & transport.

Extremely small and portable.

Easy to connect via Bluetooth.

Can scan to a depth of 135 feet underwater.

Has wireless connectivity to a range of hundred meters.


Not suitable for active fishing scenarios – fly fishing or ocean fishing.

It is difficult to confirm its accuracy without using a validating device.

Your phone can damage in water. You need to waterproof your phone. The best way to do this is to use a waterproof case.

3. Lucky Wifi Portable Fish Finders

The Lucky Wifi Fish Finder is a cool device used in ocean, river or lake and is fantastic for detecting types of fish in any fresh water or salt water. With selection option of up to twelve languages: Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Portuguese, Polish, English, and Chinese, it is convenient for people of different races.


The Lucky Wifi Fish Finder is designed to have Wi-Fi connectivity which ranges to 130 feet and can be connected with the maximum of 5 devices. Only one can operate at a time. It has got a wide wireless operation range of up to ten feet, quite conducive to the location of fish, the bottom contours, depths, and structures.

Has a Built-in Water Temperature Sensor – displays temperature in °C or °F. It has a selectable meter (m) or feet (ft) readings. The audible fish and depth alarm enables you fish and other movements under the water. It can detect and display big and small fish or groups of big and small fish.

This has a fully waterproof design and is lightweight making it float. It is designed to suit preferences of amateurs and professionals.

Lucky wifi fish finder comes with Neoprene Bag, included in the set.

Functionality & Options

Operating the Lucky Laker Fish Finder is simple. On its top is a waterproof cap which unscrews to reveal the charging port, on the switch, and operation LED’s. To charge it, you have to plug it into any USB power source using the USB cable packaged with the device. There is a LED light charging indicator. Press the power on button, you have to wait a few seconds and connect to your phone or tablet.

The free Lucky Laker Fish Finder App has to be downloaded and installed on each device -the fish finder will use to transfer data. Instructions on how to activate the sonar unit are clearly mentioned. Use them to connect each device to the unit the first time.

The App menu provides a Demo Mode and an Operation Mode. The Parameter Settings enable you to adjust the fish finder to your own specifications including depth range, transducer sensitivity, depth zoom, fish size sensitivity, shallow water warning and alarm, chart scroll speed and units of measurement.


The Lucky Laker Fish Finder has a One year warranty which covers on labor and parts.


Lightweight and waterproof.

Detects the fish location and the depth in fresh and salt water.

Has a rechargeable battery with 5 hours Running time on full charge.

Suitable for use for Boats, Kayak, Rigid, Fishing accessories for ocean, river or lake.

Displays water depth, water temperature, fish location and depth, and bottom contour or structure


The software on some occasions may not handle the information properly and disconnects constantly from the sonar unit.

4. Fish Hunter Military Grade

Are you passionate about fish hunting and making it your business? The Military Grade portable fish finder is the product you are looking for. It features all the qualities what you want from this product.


Fish Hunter Military Grade has the power to detect up to Hundred ft (30m) in fresh or salt water. This tells you the exact temperature and you will find the perfect fishing locations.

Hunter has excellent modern technology and tells where the perfect position. It has ice fishing technology,  you don’t have to panic about the condition, exactly where you found the fish. It is beneficial for shore fishing and gives you desired result in a shorter time.

With the highest frequency transducer available, you will know exactly where to cast your line to catch fish.

This Hunter is designed with sonar technology, making it perfect in giving you a clear view of the bottom with actual RAW sonar data and Fish View imaging.

It has the power of determining the temperature underwater.

Fish Hunter Military Grade allows you to log exactly what you want to see, right from the sonar menu, including sonar screen data.

Functionality & Options

It will float on the water with a current and keep sketching the bottom of the water. This Fish Hunter will provide the data on the smartphone or tablet’s display. Its military-grade sonar technology enables this fish finder to find the best fishing spots.

This Military Grade Fish Hunter has GPS functionality. You can map and navigate your favorite fishing spots without any tussle with this fish finder.


It has a One Year limited manufacturer warranty & 30-day money back guarantee.


Night vision lighting.

Portable and easy to use.

Military grade specifications.

Protective rubber outer case.

Good battery charge of up to 8 hours.

Compatible with any type of fishing, including ice fishing.

All-around performance – shore fishing, kayak fishing, ice fishing & boat fishing.

App provides better display of information than most of the other portable fish finders.


Ice fishing flasher has some weakness.

Claims of shorter Bluetooth connectivity range.

5. VexilarSonarPhone T-Pod

People have different views for the use of portable fish finders. Everybody doesn’t like to use big fish finders, some love to use fish finders in small sizes. The VexilarSonarPhone T-Pod is something like it. The Vexilar fish finder is not usual and is slightly a different type of fish finder. This fish finder uses the display of smartphone’s to show readings.


The SP100 T-POD is small in size and portable. It has a WiFi transmitter system with self-contained battery. With those features combined, it makes it easier to pull from the back of your boat, thrown or cast out from shore.

Its shape is unique and allow the T-POD to track in the water very well. Considering this transmission range, it go up to Hundred and fifty feet with 4hour duration and it runs out of charge. For a recharge, you only need a USB cable to connect to a power outlet.

The VexilarSonarPhone T-Pod gets activated upon contact with water. It turns on and off automatically to save power. The VexilarSonarPhone T-Pod has only a single beam, with 30-degree wide-angle beam signal which transmits frequency of 125 kHz.

Functionality & Options

One of the great things about this VexilarSonarPhone T-Pod is – it uses Wi-Fi to connect to your android or iphone phone.

Cast the fish finder in the water, it will automatically turn on and start connecting to the phone in a matter of minutes. The transducer and the wireless T-Box will be connected, and the 12 volt USB connection will power it. The green T-Box will route the data through your smartphone’s Wi-Fi and allow you to start mapping or charting the transducers findings. The data are shown on the display of your smartphone or tablet.


This T-Pod has a One year warranty from its manufacturers after purchase.


Pocket-friendly price.

Perfect for use in Ice fishing.

Simple configuration process.

Support with the navionics app.

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater.

Excellent option for small boats likes kayak or canoe.

A small compact design which makes it easier to carry.

Uses Wi-Fi method for wireless connectivity.


NO replacement of battery, only recharge.

Difficulty in reading Mobile app’s buttons for a smaller display.

Problems with Wi-Fi synchronization, which takes some minutes. 

How to Choose the Best Portable Fish Finders – Buying Tips

To find the best Portable Fish Finder can prove to be very challenging, as you search all over the web. Honestly, I doubt that it’s difficult to page through the portable fish finder reviews on your own and keep track of all features as you go.

If you want to choose the best fish finder, there are few things you should do. First, you need to know what you are looking for. You have to learn the basics of how the different parts of the device work separately and together.

With a basic understanding of how these components operate, you can take advantage of all our reviews. You will avoid buying something that doesn’t suit your needs.

Fish finders vary from model to model. Some have basic features and others have many advanced ones. Many fish finders are for professional use and others are entry-level devices aimed at people who want to try the technology out.

The prices can vary to a great extent from device to device, and you should be well informed for spending on any of them.  We have done our research and outlined the best fish finder models with a range of features and prices.

Fish Finder Technology

Most of the fishers and anglers know about fish finders or have used them. Everyone understands how they exactly work. Some of the devices are complicated. With money in place, one can buy the best fish finders.

You will need to spend some time if you want to learn how to use them in right way. To easily understand how a fish finder functions and you can know more about fish finder features, we have compiled this buying guide. With the information gathered, you will get to make the best choice.


The transducer is the main part of the fish locator. It transmits the sound waves and shows what is below the surface of the water. The sonar signal -the transducer sends into the water bounces off of the objects below the water surface and gets picked up by the transducer. The signal is translated in a picture.

Display (Size, Resolution, Color/Mono)

The display is all about pixels. The more pixels the device has, the better the resolution. It’s an important factor to consider. More pixels mean a higher price of the fish finder.

We suggest you to go for a minimum of 240(v) x 160(h) pixels of the screen. This screen will give a pretty blocky image. The models’ displays are available in various sizes. A larger screen will give you a clearer picture and better quality.


The fish finder’s power is an essential feature to consider to choose your preference. A fish finder with a higher wattage is more effective, it can display readings and more usable depth with better speed. For low depth water, you can use a unit with lesser wattage.

If you are planning to fish in deep waters, look for more powerful units.


Every fish finder has a different frequency, a major aspect of the transducer. The frequency has a direct relation to the angle of the cone. The transducers have frequencies of 50, 83, 192 or 200 kHz. Transducers with higher frequency will display more detail on the screen.

You can find models that offer dual, single and multiple frequencies.

Portable or Fixed

Fish finders come in different forms. We have a portable fish finder and self-sufficient or a fixed unit whereby you will need to mount onto your boat or canoe. Portable fish finders are more suitable for those who lease their boat or if you ice fish.

They usually come with a battery power supply and a carrying case. Most of the fish locators come with the transom mount for installation, the portable units come with the transducer already attached to the transom with the use of a suction cup.

A fixed unit is more suitable for more settled fishers and watercraft owners. They will be able to mount in any precise location on their boat. Based on your preference or needs, you can mount the transducer on the stern, hull and trolling engine.


Having looked at the various types of fish finders, you will notice how unique each of them are – from their design and how they function as well. Considering the features and performances of all the fish finders, I would recommend the Deeper Smart Pro + fish finder. This fish finder offers incredible features at a very reasonable price.  The Deeper Smart Pro + fish finder comes really handy. Engineered with a compact design along with easy connectivity it makes sure that you get to move quickly with it. Rely on the Deeper Smart Pro + fish finder for ice-fishing. You will understand that this fish finder offers excellent ice fishing ability along with ice flasher. Shop now for this little fish finder at a very reasonable price and get to do amazing stuff.

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